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Photography Intern - Second Shooter

Are you passionate about capturing meaningful moments through the lens? Join us as a Second Shooter Photography Intern at Ponderosa Bible Camp this summer! Must be 16 or older to apply. 

Position Overview: As a Second Shooter Photography Intern, you will have the unique opportunity to work alongside our Head Photographer and assist in capturing the vibrant experiences, spiritual growth, and joyful memories created at our camp. You'll play a crucial role in documenting the essence of camp life through photography.


  1. Assist Head Photographer: Work closely with our Head Photographer to capture candid and posed shots of campers, staff, and activities throughout the summer.

  2. Creative Collaboration: Contribute ideas and collaborate with the photography team to produce high-quality images that reflect the spirit and values of Ponderosa Bible Camp.

  3. On-site Shooting: Be ready to shoot during camp sessions, special events, and designated photo shoots as directed by the Head Photographer.

  4. Post-Processing Support: Aid in sorting, editing, and organizing photos to maintain a consistent and professional visual style under the guidance of the Head Photographer.

  5. Portfolio Building: Use this internship as an opportunity to build your photography portfolio with diverse and impactful work under the mentorship of our experienced photographer.


  • Proficient in photography techniques, including composition, lighting, and basic editing.

  • Experience with DSLR cameras 

  • Creativity and a keen eye for capturing emotion and storytelling through images.

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.

  • Ability to take direction and work effectively as part of a team.

  • Passion for photography and storytelling.


  • Must have your own DSLR camera and basic photography equipment.

  • Availability to work during camp sessions as directed by the Head Photographer.


  • Gain hands-on experience as a second shooter in a dynamic camp photography environment.

  • Mentorship and guidance from our experienced Head Photographer.

  • Build a diverse portfolio of camp-related photography under professional supervision.

  • Gain valuable insights into photography techniques and storytelling.

Duration: This is a seasonal volunteer intern position for our summer camp program. You can volunteer 1 or more weeks to serve.

Join us at Ponderosa Bible Camp as a Second Shooter Photography Intern and help us capture the moments that matter most! Apply now to showcase your talent and creativity alongside our experienced photography team.

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