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Foster Kids Camp

Ponderosa's Vision is to provide foster children in Alabama and surrounding areas with the life-changing experience of camp in a Christian environment.  
A time filled with love and laughter, hope and inspiration!  A week where foster kids can forget their worries for a little while. A week where they can just be kids!

July 14-19, 2024
Foster Kids Camp

For Foster Parents

If you are a Foster Parent, you can register your foster child (ages 7-12) for our Free week of Foster Kids Camp.

  • Proof of custody and foster care will be required.

  • ID required on check-in day and on check-out day at camp.

Questions & Answers for Foster Parents

Welcome to Ponderosa Foster Kids Camp!

We're committed to helping you make the best decision for your foster child's summer adventure.

  • Camp Overview:

    • Ponderosa provides fun, safe, and professional outdoor youth camping experiences.

    • Spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth are key aspects.

    • Leadership Training Program, stringent hiring, and low staff turnover ensure quality staff.

  • Important Information:

    • Read all the details before reaching out with questions.

    • We operate in the Central Time Zone, although your cell phone may switch to Eastern Time on our property.

  • FAQ's:

    1. Can biological children attend? No, space is for children in foster care.

    2. Can adopted children (formerly in foster care) attend? No, the program is specifically for current foster children.

    3. Is transportation provided? No, arrangements need to be made individually.

  • Check-In and Check-Out:

    • Check-In: Sunday, 3:30-4:00 pm. (Early arrivals wait until 3:30 pm)

    • Check-Out: Friday, starting with a Chapel Service at 10 am. Camp ends each Friday morning.

  • Head Lice Policy:

    • Inspection for lice and nits. Zero-tolerance policy. Treatment is required if found.

    • Recommended lice treatment product:

  • Camper Conduct:

    • Rules and guidelines for behavior ensure a positive experience.

    • Strict prohibition on weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco.

  • No Cell Phones for Campers:

    • Unplug from screen time and connect with God and the great outdoors.

    • Emergency contacts will be made if needed.

  • Medications:

    • Must be in original prescription container.

    • Checked in with First Aid Provider upon arrival.

    • Non-prescription medications provided, but preferred brands can be sent with the child.

  • Lost & Found:

    • Mark all belongings.

    • Unclaimed items given away after 30 days.

    • Campers pay postage on returned items.

  • In Case of Emergency:

    • Office: 256-634-4397

    • After-hours contacts: 

      • Executive Director Jeff Nelson: 256-996-5141

      • Max Grizzard: 256-601-9042

  • Benefits and Outcomes:

    • Life-changing moments for kids.

    • A glimpse of family life.

    • Fulfills missing elements in a foster child's life.

    • Memorable activities like horseback riding, zip-lining, and more.

    • Offers Biblical hope for a brighter future.

  • Benefits for the Community:

    • Unites the community for a noble cause.

    • Provides respite breaks for foster parents.

Learn how you can help our ministry to foster kids.

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