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S.A.L.T. Members

Welcome to the S.A.L.T. Crew: Fueling Service and Leadership!

Join us on an exciting leadership journey with our S.A.L.T. Members! S.A.L.T. stands for "Service And Leadership Training." These incredible individuals are like superheroes at our camp, passionate about sharing the gospel with younger kids. Teens Aged 16-19!

In our camp world, S.A.L.T. Members work alongside Camp Counselors, taking on various tasks with dedication and skill. They assist the Program Director in organizing games and learning about responsibility and leadership as they go.

S.A.L.T. Members are more than just backups; they step up when counselors are absent. With thorough training similar to counselors, they ensure the campers are well cared for.


While many teens are eager to join the S.A.L.T. crew, it's important to consider that this role requires a high level of spiritual and emotional maturity. S.A.L.T. Members must be able to manage a cabin independently if the Camp Counselor needs a temporary break.

If you are 16-19 years old and unsure you could lead a cabin alone, you may be better suited to serve as a TEAM Member.

Join the S.A.L.T. crew for a meaningful week of work. Alongside the hustle, we also encourage downtime during God and I Time or approved breaks.

We gather the S.A.L.T. crew for devotions, exploring what it means to serve Jesus wholeheartedly. At Ponderosa, we're not just a camp; we're a caring community focused on your growth in Jesus. Join us to build connections, serve, and glorify the Lord together!

Key Responsibilities/Expectations:

  • Know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

  • Assist a Camp Counselor in leading 8-10 campers per week.

  • Yield leadership to the Counselor when they're present.

  • Help introduce children to Jesus and guide them to live godly lives.

  • Support campers' spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

  • Supervise campers' activities and know their whereabouts.

  • Assist in setting up games and activities.

  • Enforce camp policies and rules.

  • Encourage campers to compete positively.

  • Mentor team members and campers.

  • Stay overnight all week (Sunday - Friday).

  • SALT Members are dismissed to go home weekly by 2:00 pm on Fridays.

  • Return on Sunday by 2:00 pm each week you are scheduled to serve.

Join the S.A.L.T. crew and join our mission to build connections, serve, and glorify the Lord together!

"Being a SALT Member was amazing because I got to share God with kids who wanted to grow in their spiritual walk, or just start their journey with Christ. I got to meet incredible new people who also helped me in my walk. I saw God move in young hearts in so many amazing ways. Being allowed to be part of God's work spreading His word was a real joy for me. I learned so many things, and I hope I can do it again!"

- Ember O'Sullivan

"I enjoyed being a SALT Member because I learned more about Christ, I have fun while doing it, and I built bonds with people. In my opinion, I learned more about myself as a SALT Member than I did as a TEAM Member. Even though sometimes the campers can be difficult, they helped me learn more about myself. My absolute favorite thing about being a SALT Member is Commitment Night (Thursday night). Sometimes the campers will ask me to walk up with them, and say their commitment for them, and that's when I know they trust me, and feel comfortable with me."

-Josh Puckett

"The main reason I like to work at Ponderosa is because I am shown something new about my walk with Christ practically every day no matter how small or big. It might be someone giving their life over to God, or just someone saying thank you. I like being a SALT member because I can talk to the kids when they want to talk to me because I’m usually with them for the entirety of the day. It’s really my favorite thing I get to do all summer."

- Heath Romine

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