Camp Counselors

Camp Counselors

The third and final step of our Leadership Program is our counselors. Without counselors, camp would not exist. The counselors are the young adults, hired to keep the campers safe. Their job is to make sure the campers have fun, and leave Ponderosa with a better understanding of who Jesus is, and what He did for them.

They are in charge of the campers all day, and make sure they feel safe, loved, and important. Counselors go through two weeks of training whereas the T.E.A.M. and S.A.L.T. Members only go through one. Their training the second week is more in depth and they are able to ask any questions they might have. During their second week of training, the counselors serve as T.E.A.M. members in the kitchen for a rental group called Royal Family Kids Camp. This way, the counselors understand the work the T.E.A.M. Members do for them all summer.

The counselors that are chosen are hard working, dedicated servants of the Lord who desire to spread His Kingdom and help children come to know Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

Teenagers and college students ages 18-25 welcome to apply!


Camp Counselors

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Our counselors are full-time summer staff, so they live at camp from late May to Mid July. We like for them to stay at camp over the weekends so they can fellowship with each other and grow closer as a group of individuals. During the summer we try to have meetings once a day during the week where they can encourage each other, and pray together. These meetings are held during Review Time when S.A.L.T. Members and other full time staff are watching over the campers. 

Over the summer, our counselors are being led by the full-time missionaries we have on staff so that they can effectively lead the campers they have in their cabins each week. The counselors are encouraged to have a daily quiet time with the Lord so they can do their job to the best of their ability. 

The counselors receive a small compensation for the work they do for this ministry and are allowed to raise "summer missionary support" from family, friends, and churches to supplement their income.