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Camp Counselors

Camp Counselors: Heroes of Summer Fun and Faith

Can you picture a summer camp without counselors? It's simply unimaginable! At Ponderosa, our counselors are the heartbeat of the camp, not just responsible for safety but crucial in ensuring campers have an absolute blast and leave with a deeper understanding of Jesus and His love.



  • From sunrise to sunset, create an environment where campers feel safe, loved, and valued.

  • Undergo two weeks of intensive preparation, including hands-on experience with the Royal Family Kids Camp.

  • Lead campers through activities that are not only fun but also spiritually enriching.

Qualities We Seek:

  • Dedicated servants of the Lord, aged 18-25, chosen for their passion to spread His Kingdom.

  • Whether or not you've been part of T.E.A.M. or S.A.L.T., your commitment is what matters most.

Camp Life:

  • Live on-site from late May to mid-July, fostering fellowship and camaraderie with fellow counselors.

  • Daily meetings during the week provide a space for mutual encouragement and prayer, ensuring a supportive community.

Guidance and Support:

  • Led by full-time missionaries, counselors receive guidance to effectively lead their cabins.

  • Daily quiet time is encouraged, empowering counselors to bring their A-game spiritually.

Rewards of Service:

  • Compensation for your hard work as dedicated contributors to this ministry.

  • Opportunity to raise "summer missionary support" from family, friends, and churches.

How to Apply: Are you ready to be a hero of summer fun and faith? Apply now! Submit your application today. Link Below.

Join us at Ponderosa and be a part of creating an unforgettable summer for campers and counselors alike! 🌲🔥

Key Responsibilities/Expectations: 

  • The applicant must know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior

  • The counselor will be paired up with a junior counselor to lead 8-10 campers per week.

  • The counselor will love, accept, and introduce children to Jesus Christ and equip them to live lives that glorify God.

  • The counselor will be responsible for the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health of each camper.

  • The counselor will supervise their campers’ activities and know where they are at all times.

  • The counselor will enforce camp policies, procedures, and rules.

  • The counselor will lead their campers in competing for Honor Cabin and team points.

  • The counselor will help mentor junior counselors (SALT Members) and their TEAM Members.

  • The counselor will be expected to stay overnight all week each week. 

  • The counselor will be able to go home on Friday afternoons but must return on Sundays no later than 2:00 pm. 

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