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T.E.A.M. Members

T.E.A.M. members represent "Teens Excited About Ministry."

These dedicated youths are the backbone of our camp's workforce, crucial in ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Their responsibilities are diverse and vital. They assist in meal setups, maintain cleanliness, assist with camp activities, and contribute to the overall positive atmosphere.

Key Responsibilities of a TEAM Member:

  1. Assist in cleaning tables and washing dishes before, during, and after meals.

  2. Help maintain cleanliness in bathrooms, including toilets and showers.

  3. Assist in emptying garbage cans and disposing of trash.

  4. Aid in unloading food deliveries.

  5. Accompany campers to and from activities.

  6. Welcome campers and parents during Sunday check-in, helping with luggage as needed.

  7. Support Counselors and S.A.L.T. Members in maintaining cabin order and a fun environment.

  8. Assist in caring for sick campers and guiding them to the nurse.

  9. Contribute to making the camp experience enjoyable for campers.

  10. Live in the cabins with your Counselor, S.A.L.T. Member (Junior Counselor), and 8-10 campers each week.

  11. They arrive by 2:30 pm on Sundays, scheduled to work, and leave by 2:00 pm on Fridays after ensuring the camp is cleaned and ready for the next session.

If you're a teen, aged 14-17, consider joining us this summer. We prioritize instilling biblical values, fostering personal growth, and creating a supportive community where everyone can thrive in their faith journey.

Let's connect, serve together, and bring glory to God!

"I love being a TEAM member because  I get to serve God and grow in my relationship with Him, while getting to share His word with young girls who come to camp. Helping them grow stronger in their relationship with Him and if they don't know who Jesus is, I can share His word and hopefully lead them to Christ."

— Samantha Fuller

"I love being a team member because I have the opportunity to serve those who serve others. I enjoy being a team member because I love to serve. I love to help our staff change the lives of kids."

— Will Westerlund

 I loved being a team member because it was a great way for me to learn teamwork and how to communicate with others. I also loved it because it was a humbling experience for me; I learned that no matter what job you have or how old you are, everyone matters!

— Katelyn Akins

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