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T.E.A.M. Members

T.E.A.M. Members

Teens Excited About Ministry

The first step of our leadership program are the T.E.A.M. members. T.E.A.M. is an acronym meaning, “Teens Excited About Ministry”. The T.E.A.M. Members are our servant workforce. They arrive 30 minutes before lunch and supper to set up the meals, and make sure the dining hall looks the way it should. They arrive 1 hour before breakfast because we want them to be able to spend time alone with the Lord before their day begins. This way, they have thirty minutes to study God’s word, and thirty minutes to set up the meal.


Without the T.E.A.M. Members, Ponderosa’s counselors and S.A.L.T. Members would not be able to do their jobs excellently. The T.E.A.M. Members don’t just set up for meals, but they clean Ponderosa after the week is over, and make sure it is up to the standards we require during the week. T.E.A.M. Members receive 80 hours of volunteer community service for the work they do during summer camp and more.

Teens ages 14-18 welcome! Come enjoy the benefits of serving at a Christian camp this summer!

T.E.A.M. Members

To teach and equip biblical character into our TEAM Members, we have a set devotion time during the day (usually right after they finish cleaning after breakfast), that we gather them together and teach them Biblical devotions. We want them to know that Ponderosa is a safe place, full of staff members that care for them and want them to grow and flourish in Jesus’ name.

Building relationships with teens and campers while serving the Lord and bring Him Glory!

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"I love being a TEAM member because  I get to serve God and grow in my relationship with Him, while getting to share His word with young girls who come to camp. Helping them grow stronger in their relationship with Him and if they don't know who Jesus is, I can share His word and hopefully lead them to Christ."

-Samantha Fuller

"I love being a team member because I have the opportunity to server those who serve others. I enjoy being a team member because I love to serve. I love to help our staff change the lives of kids."

- Will Westerlund

 I loved being a team member because it was a great way for me to learn team work and how to communicate with other. I also loved it because it was a humbling experience for me, I learned no matter what job you have, or how old you are everyone matters!

- Kateline Akins

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