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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Scholarships (Qualifications and Rules)
Apply early (February-March) before funds run out!
It is our desire to see every child experience a week of summer camp at Ponderosa at least once in their lifetime!  Donations from individuals and churches make this fund available to those who qualify. A limited amount of financial aid money is available for first-time campers, who could not afford to come otherwise.
NOTE: Our Mailbox Club lessons & Scripture Memory offer campers a way to earn up to $50 off the price of camp! Mailbox Club rules and deadlines will apply. The deadline for completion of MBC lessons is April 29th of each year.
Financial Aid amounts vary based on availability.
First-time campers whose parents are in financial need will be given priority. Please print and complete the Financial Aid Application and mail or fax to our office with a letter from the camper sharing why they would like to attend Ponderosa. You must create your online account so that we can apply any financial aid you may be awarded.
Financial Aid Applications must be faxed or mailed to our office after you have completed your online account and entered the bio info on each child for which you are applying.
Financial Aid is NOT available for Teen Week.

Sponsor a Camper

Donations to our Scholarship Fund help send a needy child to Summer Camp can be made through your online account. Ponderosa Bible Camp is a 501(c)3 non-profit, faith-supported, independent missions organization. Any donation you make to help support this ministry would be appreciated and acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt.

Sponsor a Foster Kids Camp camper for $1.65/day/year ($600/year).

Sponsor a financially needy camper during a regular week of camp for $1.00/day/year ($365/year).

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