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Cell Phone Policy


At Ponderosa Bible Camp, we prioritize creating an immersive and focused camp experience for all our campers. To ensure that campers fully engage in the activities, build meaningful connections, and embrace the natural environment, we have established a cell phone policy. This policy aims to promote a technology-free atmosphere while also addressing emergency situations effectively.

  1. Phone Collection: a. Upon check-in, all campers are required to turn off their cell phones and submit them to our camp staff in the Office. Phones will be securely stored until the end of the week.

  2. Prohibited Possession: a. Campers are strictly prohibited from having cell phones or any other electronic communication devices in their possession throughout their stay at Ponderosa Bible Camp. b. If a camper is found with a cell phone, it will be confiscated by our staff and held until the end of the camp session.

  3. Repeat Offenders: a. Campers who have been identified as repeat offenders, having violated the cell phone policy in previous camp sessions, will be sent home at their own expense.

  4. Emergency Situations: a. In case of a genuine emergency where a camper needs to contact their family, they will be granted permission to use the camp phone under the supervision of a staff member. b. Campers should approach a staff member and explain the situation to request the use of the camp phone. Staff will assess the validity of the emergency and provide assistance accordingly.

  5. Phone Return: a. Phones will be returned to campers on Friday mornings after chapel. b. Campers should be present at the designated return time to collect their phones. c. Any phones not collected by the end of the camp session will be securely stored until the camper's departure.

Note: Ponderosa Bible Camp and its staff will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen cell phones. We encourage campers and their families to secure their belongings appropriately and take personal responsibility for their devices.

By adhering to the cell phone policy, campers contribute to an atmosphere of unity, focus, and enjoyment during their time at Ponderosa Bible Camp. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a technology-free environment and fostering an enriching camp experience for everyone involved.

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