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Welcome Camp Parents!

We trust the info on this page will help you in your decision to send your child to Ponderosa this summer!

Ponderosa offers children with fun, safe, and professional outdoor youth camping experiences that grow them spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.  Our Leadership Training Program, rigid hiring procedures, and low staff turnover rates allow us to employ summer camp staff that are leaders in their schools, churches, and communities. 

Kids have a blast with friends their age while participating in numerous camp activities.  Kids also love the spiritual emphasis at Ponderosa!


Please read ALL the info below before calling or emailing with questions. Most of our frequently asked questions are answered in this section.

Remember, we are in the "Central Time Zone."  All times referred to are Central Time. Note: your cell phone will turn to EST when you arrive on our property.
Check-In on Sunday, 3:30-4:30 pm each Sunday. (If you arrive early, please understand that the staff will be in a meeting and unavailable to assist you until 3:30 pm. Feel free to walk around.)
PS - All cell phones pick up GA/Eastern Time when you are on our property, but we operate on Central Time.
Check-Out on Friday begins with a 10 am Chapel Service for the parents! Join your camper! Camp ends each Friday morning! Parents and friends, you are invited to join us for our final Chapel Service at 9:45 am. A slideshow of pictures from the week will be shown, and awards will be given! You don't want to miss this!
Campers are dismissed after this. No lunch is served on Friday.


In Case of Emergency - In case of emergency, please contact our office at (256) 634-4397 Or after-hours contact Executive Director Jeff Nelson (256) 996-5141 (cell) Chris Dorough (205) 835-7056

Visitors - Please come and visit us before sending your child to camp. Our directors will be glad to spend time with your camper and your family and give you a tour. Please contact the office to schedule a visit. April and May are beautiful times to come for a visit, tour the camp, and meet our staff!
Ponderosa Bible Camp highly discourages visitation during the camp session, as it disrupts the flow of camp life. When parents come to visit their campers, they must consider the potential adverse effect on other campers who do not receive visitors. Please respect this policy.
Campers are not allowed to call home, as it disrupts the camp experience. We can get a message to your child if needed, but encourage the use of our one-way e-mail service or a good old-fashioned letter. Please do not send faxes or emails to the office e-mail address.
Camp Registration includes a $75 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot. If you cancel, your deposit is donated to a child who needs financial aid to attend camp.
You may change the week of your summer camp reservation (if spots are available) without losing your deposit. 
Need a payment plan? You may wish to make monthly or weekly payments before arrival to spread out the cost of camp. This can be done from your account.  Choose the payment option during check-out that fits your needs. Full balance due by camp session start date.
If it is necessary for you to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible so others can take your place. Your $75 Deposit is refundable IF you cancel at least 30 days prior to your camp date. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to your session, your deposit will be converted to a tax-deductible donation. And we will refund any amount you paid over the Deposit if you contact us 24 hours before your scheduled arrival.  You may change the week of camp (if spots are available without losing your deposit).
Refunds are NOT given after a camper has arrived at camp.
Head Lice Policy 
Please note: Each child will be inspected for Head Lice before they are allowed to check in or go to their cabin. We have a "ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY" regarding lice and nits. Camper must be 100% lice and nit-free - dead or alive! Please check before you come! If we find lice or nits (dead or alive), your child must go home immediately!
If your child is battling head lice, we recommend this product:
Camper Mail  (Parents: This is a BIG deal!  Campers get to sing for their mail!)
Camper Mail Mailing Address:
Ponderosa Bible Camp
Camper's Name (and Cabin # if known)
1018 County Road 734
Mentone, AL 35984
One-Way Emails to your camper can be purchased through your online account. One-way emails cost $2.00/week/camper.  You will need to send grandparents and others an invite from your account so that they will be able to purchase one-way emails to send to your camper.
Store Money/Snack Shack Money

  • $20 minimum suggested; however, $40-$60 is recommended

  • All spending money will be "banked" at Check-In.

  • Any unused amount will be refunded on Friday morning.

  • Cash purchases may be made on Sundays and Fridays.

  • Click here to learn how to Add Store Money after Registration.

Souvenir Photos

Purchase a digital download album from your week of camp during the registration process, or you can log into your account and add it later from this link. Be sure to select the correct week of camp. 

Missionary Offering
Each week we have a guest missionary who shares with the campers about his/her adventures and God's work around the world. These are active missionaries who may be serving in the US or at home on furlough. Each of our missionaries is in need of financial donations either towards their support or for a particular project they may be working on for the area where they are serving. A love offering is taken at the end of each week. You may include your love offering with your registration, or campers may give from their unused spending money when it is returned on Friday morning.
Crafts & Ceramics

  • Ceramics, Woodworking, and Leather crafts with the addition of a kiln, we are excited to offer many ceramic choices.

  • Each camper will be allowed to make one craft per week at no charge.

  • Additional crafts (ceramics, woodworking, or leather) may be purchased for $1-$5.

Camper Conduct
We believe that rules and guidelines for behavior can help ensure that every camper has an equal opportunity to grow, learn, and enjoy their stay. For this reason, the directors reserve the right to terminate any camper’s stay if the camper chooses to repeatedly break the rules of conduct and hinder the purpose of the camp.

  • The possession of weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco in any form is strictly prohibited while at camp. We feel that by violating this policy, the camper has chosen to be sent home.

  • Campers will be sent home without a refund if they bring any of the following: tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, foul mouth.

No Cell Phones for Campers


  • It must be in the original prescription container with the child's name, drug name, and the dosage clearly indicated.

  • Medications must be checked in with our First Aid Provider upon arrival.

  • Medications will be kept in the First Aid Station.

  • Ponderosa will provide a small selection of non-prescription medications such as Tylenol, Advil, and cold medication.

  • If your child prefers a certain brand or flavor of non-prescription medication, please send it with your child and leave it with our first-aid provider.

Weekly Team Competitions
Campers will be competing with their cabin mates for team points during the week. Competitions include team name and cheer, honor table, honor cabin (cleanest cabin each morning), field games, and more. Points are accumulated all week, and the winning team earns a reward on Thursday evening! Teams of one boy cabin and one girl cabin compete together all week.
Lost & Found

  • Please mark all clothing and belongings.

  • Items not requested within 30 days will be given away.

  • Campers must pay postage on all returned items.

  • PLEASE use a permanent marker and write your name on disposable cameras, towels, toiletries, etc, before you arrive! 

Dress Code

Roommate/Cabinmate Request

  • During your reservation process, you will be asked to list 1 or 2 friends you would like to room with at camp. No more than 2 requests can be guaranteed. 

  • These friends must also list you as their request.

  • If the request is not mutual, we cannot guarantee that you will be in a cabin with your requested friend.

  • If you need to update your request later, you can log in to your account and view/edit your reservation information. 

Sponsor A Camper
Donations to the Financial Aid Fund to help send a needy child to Summer Camp can be made through your online account. Ponderosa Bible Camp is a 501(c)3 non-profit, faith-supported, independent missions organization. Any donation you make to help support this ministry would be appreciated and acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt.

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