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Summer Camp Packing List

Ponderosa Summer Camp - What to Bring - Packing List
•    Bible, notebook & pen/pencil
•    Sleeping bag or sheets for a twin mattress. A twin-size fitted sheet is recommended for added comfort to cover your vinyl mattress even if you use a sleeping bag and Pillow.
•    Towels for pool and shower-3 or more recommended. (be sure to label them with a permanent marker or embroidery)
•    Toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant
•    Hairdryer, straightener, etc. (optional)
•    Long pants and tennis shoes for horseback riding
•    Casual, modest clothing and swimsuits:  See Dress Code
•    At least two pairs of shoes. Be prepared that flip-flops break easily on our rugged terrain.
•    Optional Items: fishing gear, flashlight, raincoat, bug spray, sunscreen, a c
amera with your name in permanent marker (if you choose to bring a digital camera, Ponderosa cannot be responsible for damage, lost, or stolen property. You can choose to purchase our Souvenir Photo Album instead of bringing a camera.)


Dress Code Purpose
It is our desire that Ponderosa Bible Camp be a place where our campers are not distracted from what God has in store for them during their stay at camp, a place where they can focus their eyes and their hearts on their relationship with Jesus, a place where they are not "tempted" by the flesh.
Therefore campers are required to adhere to the "Camp Dress Code" as follows, be sure to remember "Modesty is our Policy."


Ponderosa Dress Code

•    All shorts must be below fingertips when standing. Longer “Bike Shorts” can be worn under athletic shorts to help
meet length requirements.
•    Skirts/dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh. 
•    We have a No visible waistline (front or back) policy
•    We have a No visible underwear policy
•    If you are wearing leggings or yoga pants: an oversized shirt is best - your shirt must cover your read end.
•    If you are wearing an oversized t-shirt with shorts: your shorts must come several inches below the longest part of your shirt.
•    No strapless shirts/tops, no crop tops. 

•    Girls Swimsuits: 1-piece or tankinis are required. 
•    Girls: Tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, and racerback tops are all acceptable. But tops that open low under the arm and show your bra are not acceptable.
•    Guys (Middle School and Teens): Tank Tops are not allowed to be worn in the dining hall (hair). No solid-white swim shorts (they are see-through when wet).


What NOT to bring
Do not bring Cell Phones or any Electronics (eReaders, Kindle, iPad, iPod, Nook, Music Players, etc.), Knives:
(If a camper is found with a cell phone or any of these electronics it will be taken up and held until the end of the week).  Repeat offenders from previous camp sessions will be sent home.

Campers will be sent home if they bring any of the following:
Tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, or a foul mouth


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